Our genomics program and benefits


e work to a specific and robust genomics program based on a number of achievable and measurable initiatives geared at increasing fertility performance for Brahman operations working across Northern Australia.


Selected from over 500 male progeny

Our bulls and breeders have to perform on grass, adapting to heat, ticks, flies and Lantana, with minimal chemical treatments

Three to four generations of tropical breeding

In partnership with proven stud operators we now have a large number of bulls, which have been bred up for three to four generations under north Australian conditions, allowing us to put more selection pressure onlonger lines of cattle

Rigorous culling process

Animals are culled on, growth, temperament, yearling scrotal development, structure and rebreeding rates

Genomics R&D

By having our herds involved in genetics research, we believe we can help our clients, utilise genomic technologies to help predict the 'super fertility' animals in their herds at an early age, as well as offering advanced selected sires for this important productive trait

Adding hybrid vigour to Brahman breeds

Hybrid vigour leads to higher conception rates, higher percentage calf drops, heavier calves at weaning, earlier sexual maturity,higher milk production, increased longevity, and earlier conception in the breeding season

Genetics news

Genomics Research

Weekly genetics review: Are our mature cows becoming too big?

Throughout this year’s drought, one emerging trend has been the topic of mature cow size.
Genomics Research

Cattle sires of the tropical north reveal their genetic secrets

The Brahman cattle breed favoured in Australia’s northern end only survive there because of their special ancestry and genetics.

Our first Tropical Taurus bull sale will be in 2021